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Faith Questions mini-courses respond to real faith questions posed by Presbyterian youth from across the denomination. Each study encourages young people to look to Scripture, as well as our faith traditions, in relevant and responsive ways. Written with older youth in mind, this curriculum is easily adaptable for broadly graded youth programs. 


Each Leader's Guide contains a four- or six-week exploration of a topic with multiple faith questions. Movie, music, media, and other technologies are suggested throughout the curriculum to supplement the lessons. Downloadable resources for leaders are available as well. A coffeehouse version is also offered online, free of charge, with the purchase of a Leader's Guide.




FQ for Confirmation

Have you ever thought about using FQ for your confirmation class? Many of the Faith Questions studies are geared nicely for confirmation.


Start with Bible to lay a solid foundation about how we come to understand God. Then, explore the Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) before moving into Being Presbyterian to learn about what it means to be a Presbyterian-flavored Christian. Follow this up with Church to talk about what it means to be a church member before they join the church.


God's Creation and Forgiveness are great to do at the end of the experience or immediately after the participants are confirmed. Both of these studies explore Christian practices, which would be great for new church members. Called is also suggested, as it explores God's claim on our lives and vocations.


Samples from Faith Questions: God

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For Earth Day: sample from Faith Questions: God's Creation

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Currenlty Available

670501– God

670502– Church

670503– God’s Creation

670504– Being Presbyterian

670505– The Bible

670506– Jesus Christ

670507– Forgiveness

670508– Holy Spirit

670809– Heaven and Hell

680501– Old Testament

680503– Deep and Wide

680504– Reformed Theology

690505– Gospels

680507– Prayer

680508– Christianity and ...

680509– New Testament

690501– End Times

690502– Sacraments

690503– Faith and Science

690505– Politics

690506– Money

680502– Called

680506–I Believe

690504- War

690508- Justice

In the works...

690510- Temptation 

690511- Understanding the Bible


“What a concept! Starting with real questions by real youth, this great curriculum helps students find answers in scripture and our confessional heritage. Not only is it thoroughly Reformed, but the learning activities reflect the best in teaching practices, making use of multiple intelligences.”

—Mary Marcotte, Certified Christian Educator, Presbytery of New Covenant, Houston, Texas


"I like Faith Questions because we talk about questions that we actually have, even the really tough ones."

—Thomas, eleventh-grader, Highland Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Kentucky


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